Homework 2: Rudimentary Interpreters

How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

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Unformatted text preview: WPI CS536 (F07) Homework 2 CS 536 Homework 2: Rudimentary Interpreters Due: September 20, hardcopy in class and electronic via turnin (asgmt name hwk2 ) Repeating the warning I gave in class: solutions to homework problems are often available in texts, on the web, etc. The point of the assignments is for you to think them through so you see the questions that come up in building languages. Do not look at solutions to these problems, even for hints. If you need help, post to the board or send me email. If I find you've consulted sources beyond those posted on the CS536 web site, I will follow WPI's honesty policy and recommend an F for the course. Testing and What to Turn In Turn in two separate files for this assignment: one containing your code (called hwk2.scm) and the other containing your tests (called tests.scm). The quality of your test suite is worth a significant portion of your grade. Write your tests using the test and test/exn functions in the PLAI language levels. I will run your tests against each other's code: you get points for bugs you find in others' code and lose points for bugs that others' tests find in your code. Due to this, pay attention to the concrete syntax and points for bugs that others' tests find in your code....
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Homework 2: Rudimentary Interpreters - WPI CS536 (F07)...

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