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Summary hw 3 - bro 1’ UTl 0 MS - Total grade: PH 1110...

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Unformatted text preview: bro 1’ UTl 0 MS - Total grade: PH 1110 Summary Homework 3, C Term 2008 Name . Section Number This assignment is worth 2.5% of your final grade and is our recommended means for you to assess your readiness for Exam 3. It is due in conference on Tuesday, February 12 and will be available for you on Thursday, February 14, the day before Exam 3. Pleasc Show your work and report your 1 anSWers to no more than three significant figures. Place your answers in the boxes, where provided. la. [1 Opts] In Lab 5, the masses and hanger are connected to the cart by a string, just as in the picture in the overview of the lab instructions, or as in the sketch on the left below. Please draw vectors E representing the forces acting on the masses and hanger (up), as well as the cart on the sloped track (ma), making sure to label the forces clearly. Draw vectors consistent with velocity down the slope and acceleration up the slope. Friction acts with a friction coefficient of u. - T i d "N05 Ma‘s Experimental set—up Masses and hanger Cart a. 1b. [10 pts] Then based on the forces shown in these free-body diagrams, write out terms representing the (3; work done on the bodies asutjhe cart first moves down, then up, the slope a distance 8 (round—trip ' , : ._. ‘ S =—" O d1stance 28) W mhs W‘k c3 5 + Wing . I WT ; TAM“ Sq “' Twp 5 ._..—-— Cari“ \NN =0 (e :90”) lo. [10 pts] Use the-above equations to find the total work done on the system of cart plus hanger. N — #2115 fiznwznmcgcooe TOTAL " Wm: S _1 d. [10 pts] If the system started from a speed vi, predict its speed, vf, alter the round trip. - 1 .L P _Wrcrmt ‘ z®fi+mg Us “’ 2(MNWQ Va .7 ‘JMMCSCG'DQS '1 W: [Vlmh wow 4W5)” ' ‘ ' mama "I ~3Mmcj 00065 (a ‘- th-hYflc I 1 ' _ Points earned on thispage: l:l Summary Homework 3, continued. Name Section Number 2a. [5 pts] Reminiscent of Lab 6, in which you dropped a sandbag onto a force plate, a ball of putty, mass mp, is thrown at a wall such that just before impact, the ball has velocity v = vx i — v3, j. The putty sticks to the wall. The wall does not measurably move and is not damaged. What is the impulse that the ball received from the wall to make it stop? Pd “Nev ‘MPVK L "erJ .2. Ps2“? 1;: A '2’ m \r f M «7 A . 2 " a = n X + P , A 3- P P J1 J Jwallon bail = "Mp 2b. [5 pts] And what is the impulse that the wall received from the ball? 9;: “‘2’ ‘Tsatt #11 Wadi : F “eureka” . 4’1 - A Jballon wait = C p— J 2c. [5 pts] What is the work done on the ball by the wall? _ Wfimu .. Lia/Irv; _— lmyc. 0 . amp (’4'; "HA, ‘1- Va :2 Vx + Y7 \u M”; V? ’1: O Wwallonball= 2d. [5 pts] And What is the work done on the wall by the ball? _W‘¢°T&L fl K". —{<5 :0 (waif 4,060 lem) 26. [10 pts] Is any meehanical energy lost during the collision? If so, where did it go? _ - ' ' _ I - z . \ 1') K . 37L imp (cg, «Hg/,7 :5 {a I 5;; _ 2m elsew- Summary Homework 3, continued. Name Section Number 3a. [10 pts] Two skiers collide on a flat icy patch of snow. Skier A, of mass m». = 50.0 kg, has initial velocity v = (-3.00 i - 4.00 j) m/s. Skier B, of mass mg = 100 kg, has initial velocity v = (2.00 i + 1-00j ) m/s. They collide, their skis become entangled, and they slide (no friction) together. What is their momentum (a vector) after the collision? Iii-(vii W‘s ‘ «A W I A A Pa; ' WIMCVA ~ ~[5oc ——ZooJ N-S’ "e"; : MR7 : Zoo”? +1003 Ms . B A M e-D 4 A has " “135* 5’2, pA+B= got 4005 N-s :: 504 -1003 N-S 3b. [10 pts] Sketch the momentum vectors on the graph, labeling them, and making sure to label and scale the axes. There will be three vectors: one each for the skiers before the collision, pA and p3, and one for both skiers, pA+B, after the collision. ‘ 3c. [10 pts]ghat is theimpulseg vector) of A on B? And B on A? I ,e ‘ r -fA+B 1" \ ~l00fl] M,‘ + M3 -. 52) +10 0 J .5 a: A film: W"; “Wm J....=~tet,7z‘ wztéflj N. (467“) —-5‘0 ~39- n .. .J - J =M’ A éé’A fl = mm? + 14.4.75 ms- _ Juana :76 ti 70 N b «=3:- 4 I EMS "’- '- firms 3 Points earned on-this page; :l l: 29 (“W w {it e? l 9 ...
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Summary hw 3 - bro 1’ UTl 0 MS - Total grade: PH 1110...

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