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MA 2611 – Applied Statistics I Term D, 2008 Instruction Personnel Instructor J. Petruccelli ( [email protected] ; 508-831-5362; Stratton Hall 105C) Teaching Assistants (TAs) Yiwen Li ( lyw ; Stratton Hall 204) Dayang Liu ( [email protected] ; Stratton Hall 204) Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs) Dante Amoroso ( [email protected] ) Cindy Mao ( [email protected] ) Each TA will have responsibility for two lab sections, and each PLA for one lab section. This responsibility includes being present and available during the lab period and grading homework and lab reports for students in that lab section. These are the assigned sections: D01 W 8:00- 9:50 Dayang D02 W 12:00- 1:50 Cindy D03 W 10:00-11:50 Dayang D04 R 3:00- 4:50 Dante D05 R 9:00-10:50 Yiwen D06 R 11:00-12:50 Yiwen Course Web Site: myWPI ( ) The web site contains the syllabus (this document), course objectives, a course calendar, an office hour schedule, copies of lecture notes, homework assignments and solutions, and quiz solutions. You are responsible for knowing the information in the materials that appear there. Office Hours: Office hours for the instructor, TAs and PLAs are posted on myWPI. Lectures: 1:00-1:50 pm M, Tu, Th, F in OH 107. You are responsible for what I cover in lectures. The lecture notes I use in class will be posted on the course web site. The course calendar found there gives a tentative schedule of what will be covered. This is subject to change as the term progresses. Textbook: Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists by Petruccelli, Nandram and Chen. Course Outline: 1. Chapter 1, Introduction to data analysis (2 lectures) 2. Chapter 2, Summarizing data (3 lectures) 3. Chapter 3, Designing studies and obtaining data (5 lectures) 4. Chapter 5, Introduction to inference: estimation (7 lectures) 5. Chapter 6, Hypothesis tests, (7 lectures) Course Objectives: In order to earn a passing grade in this course, you must demonstrate competence in the following course objectives. These objectives are divided into four major areas addressed by the five text chapters we will cover. 1) Data analysis (Chapters 1 and 2): Identify and describe sources of variation in a data-generating process. Select, construct and interpret appropriate graphical and numerical summaries of data. 2) Designing studies and obtaining data (Chapter 3): Identify common study designs and the common problems and sources of error associated with each.
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3) Introduction to inference: estimation (Chapter 5): Select, apply and interpret appropriate point and interval estimates based on a description of study’s objective, design and the observed data or appropriate summary measures. 4)
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Syllabus - MA 2611 Applied Statistics I Instruction...

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