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American Government 7 - American Government 7,8,9 Christian...

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American Government 7,8,9 - Christian evangelicals are siding with Republicans (Christian Coalition) - Political parties - public organizations whose goals are to nominate and elect candidates for office, organize government, and affect public policy - Single-member district- one candidate is elected to represent the people who live within a district; benefits candidate of dominant party - Multi-member district- several people are elected, usually on the basis of total proportion of vote they or their party receive; more amenable to minority and 3 rd party representation 3 Groups of Political Parties Professionals: All are paid workers where the party is their employer. Work includes: raising money, mobilizing sympathizers, developing positions, projecting images, making appeals, compile lists of supporters, coordinate events, handle administrative chores Candidates/Elected Officials: Run on the party’s label, represents the party as a public official Rank-and- file supporters- supporters who tend to side with the party Partisans- people who identify their allegiances with a political party
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Minor Parties Idealogical parties- members subscribe to a common belief system Examples: Communism, Socialism, Libertarians Issue Parties: members subscribe to a similar position on an issue that is important to them Example: Green Party- party oriented toward cleaner and safer environment; Ralph Nader party Candidate-oriented parties- organized to support particular candidate’s major policy position. Short-lived. Example: Reform Party; organized by Ross Perot Third parties are very ineffective in America because of: - Bias of electoral system -
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American Government 7 - American Government 7,8,9 Christian...

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