Machiavelli teachings disintegrate

Machiavelli teachings disintegrate - Machiavelli's Prince...

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Machiavelli’s Prince does not Apply to the Modern World For Niccolo Machiavelli, a successful prince of a governed state is one who is an authoritarian and rules with a swift hand . The prince is herded in an hereditary line that has a boundary that cannot be crossed, for the people of the principality can only know one rule under one family . But the main problem with this dictatorship is not addressed by Machiavelli. The common people, who by themselves make up the majority of the rule in a governed state will never stand idly by for centuries while a dictatorship persists . This knowledge is well-bred in the Marxist view of government and it has reared its ugly fangs throughout centuries of history in the world. Machiavelli writes it in his own script: “People are by nature changeable” ( Prince VI 27 ) . Since the people are changeable the rule of the state is changeable as well. Evidenced by centuries of overthrow, a hereditary rule in the modern world cannot persist, and therefore must be adhered when reading Niccolo Machiavelli’s Prince in the present state of our world. The last gaps of supreme dictatorship through a successful country ran out after the Soviet Union’s demise in the late 1980’s. The country was run on a promise of equal rights and fair wages through the Marxist belief of Communism, but soon became an empire filled with moral outrages and human rights being violated. An authoritarian hand in an empire was proven to lead to unsavory consequences and the “hereditary” Russian leaders were destroyed in the end. Even if a principality is ruled on fear and commanding respect for the leader of a state, the end result becomes the common peoples’ revolution in overthrowing the feared principality. Survival in the political world of hereditary states is few and far between, the last gasps of the example being torched in England after the
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United States became a democratic government. No lasting implications of a powerful hereditary state have survived the present day world. Niccolo Machiavelli’s strong words
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Machiavelli teachings disintegrate - Machiavelli's Prince...

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