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Pete Filippone 11/15/06 Jesse Couenhoven/ ACS Cultural Event #1 The Tempest The general plot of the play was hard to determine for me. It started off with everyone on the set with a lot going on. There were people interacting all over and it was difficult to grasp it all. The first major thing that happened was the sinking of their ship. It was very attractive to watch everyone work together, not only by working on the ship but also by singing and banging, it really set the mood. I liked most of the musical aspect of the play. It was creative to see that they could use only wrenches, hammers, and other tools to produce so many different sounds. The flutist was acceptable but fell behind the violinist most of the time. There was not a whole lot of dancing, which I think could have brought more energy to the room. I think the biggest reason why I did not know exactly what was going on throughout the play was because the language Shakespeare used is one that takes thinking to comprehend it. Usually when I read Shakespeare, I need to read it over a couple times to really understand it.
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