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Global 1 lecture notes - Global 1 Lecture Notes 04/17/06...

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Unformatted text preview: Global 1 Lecture Notes 04/17/06 Globalization in our Time: Mia Farrow is in Africa helping out the children dealing with the genocide occurring. She has a major affect as does a number of Non Govermental Organozations in making Africa a safer and healthier place. Ms Farrow is a good will ambassador for the United Nations Childrens fund. She sees the occurrences as a Genocide Olympics. Steven Spieldberg has be noted as one who would go down in history in promoting a positive impact for the 2008 Beijing Games. Mr.Spieldberg is helping to make the 2008 Olympics successful both economically and socially. Why were the Chinese unconcerned? I would not agree they had concern but do have a strict policy of non interference. The Chinese wants everyone else to not deal with their domestic matters and not subject for interference of other nations. This situation where an individual representing an NGO scores success is done so by knowing how to use the media in a media frenzy world. The media is a very powerful tool that I think can help make the world a better place. Monetization take the food from point A and transport it to point B which is an area of need. After the drop of the food to Point B, the profits from this are then used in the local economy of point B. Three NGOS have signed complaints about this process: CARE, Catholic Relief Services and Save the Children. This is an ongoing story of globalization that I do not feel is in need of major concern. If people are starving, giving food is a must. Hunger is something no one should experience. Museums are becoming globalized. Denmarks national collections are looking to be shared in a globalized world. 20 th Century at Dawn: Three sources of Turmoil. The industrial revolution: Massive which for many was very unsettling. The increase of manufacturing at the time more stuff more stuff to sell Wealth grew in order to purchase what was being manufactured. There were unregulated working conditions which brought about the beliefs Marx because of exploitation of the working man. Lives were changing dramatically but not necessarily for the better. Marx had concerns about these issues and addressed a new policy Marxism. It made the idea of moving up is possible where I can join the industrial revolution. The bad part is that the hope creates frustration among the common folk. With frustration among society conflict can arise. The suffer jets were a group of women who were activists for womens rights in Britain. They believed the right for women to vote. The group held many protests that eventually incorporated violence....
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Global 1 lecture notes - Global 1 Lecture Notes 04/17/06...

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