Comm 160 P Paper

Comm 160 P Paper - Peace Building Proposal Purpose The...

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Unformatted text preview: Peace Building Proposal Purpose: The purpose for peace for women is to acknowledge the struggle, pain, strength and power of a woman. In every country and cultures, violence against women is part of both traditional cultures and everyday reality. Spreading peace throughout communities and peers spreads the knowledge to allow women and girls to understand and protect themselves against violence. Procedure: The peace activity starts with a visit to Canyon Springs in Palm Springs, CA on Mother’s Day. It’s a center to help women who have been victims of violence. The women are all connected by violence and inspired by each other to find peace. Canyon Springs had a day which all the patients can invite their families to come down to the desert to have a get together and play games. My step sister is there from an incident with her long term boyfriend, so my step mom invited me to come and get a clear picture for myself of the pain and struggle these women go through. I brought my peace partner, Jon, so he can get a better understanding of a woman’s pain. It’s such a taboo to be in a center for anything, when its nothing to be ashamed. The women are getting help from counselors, self defense classes and they hear stories from other women. They aren’t alone out there, and it comforts the women when other people can relate or just listen. It communicated peace to me by hearing some of the stories and games of ways to protect yourself and your family. I learned a few things about my step family as well, like, what my step sister experienced before she went to the center. I never knew the story of why she went there. It was to protect herself and go in seclusion from her boyfriend. I also learned my step mom was in an abusive marriage before she married my dad, which completely astonished me. The everyday reality of the pain these women went through, feeling they had few choices. The center made it clear that women can get help....
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Comm 160 P Paper - Peace Building Proposal Purpose The...

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