Descartes - Pete Filippone Brophy/ Philosophy 11/15/06...

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Pete Filippone 11/15/06 Brophy/ Philosophy Essay #2-Question #2 Throughout life everyone goes through certain experiences and learns from them. People also use their imagination as a way of expanding their ideas and thoughts about life. However, how do we know that what we experience is what really happens and who ever said that our imagination is totally accurate to the truth? For this reason, Descartes decides to rid his mind of all knowledge that he previously knew and to start over to determine what is factual and what is faulty. He abandons all fundamental ideas so that all other knowledge crumbles from lack of support and he breaks away from all opinions that he has obtained in order to prepare himself for a new start. He doubts everything he learned from his senses and contemplates if his life is a huge dream. Descartes questions God and His existence as well as His intentions due to His deception. Descartes concludes that the only thing he knows for certain is that he is a thinking thing and no one can oppose it. There are many unanswered questions that Descartes wants answered, and there are many things that do not make sense. In order for him to find these answers, he must start from scratch and determine piece by piece what is absolutely true. He decided to deny everything that was not entirely certain and he needed to make sure everything he accepted had no doubts. If he decided to believe something that was not completely true, then it would lead to more
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Descartes - Pete Filippone Brophy/ Philosophy 11/15/06...

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