Augustine - Pete Filippone Ernest Sherretta 11/30/06...

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Pete Filippone 11/30/06 Ernest Sherretta Reflective Essay #3 Augustine Saint Augustine went through many changes throughout his life. He started out being independent of religion since his father was not very serious about it. Although his mother was a devoted Christian, her influence did not affect Augustine until much later in his life. He received an education in a Roman Province located in Thagaste, North Africa where he flourished very well. He was especially gifted in Latin rhetoric and became a teacher of it, later into a professor, and eventually left that to explore further his wisdom and truth. Augustine had many positive characteristics which made him such a memorable person. Augustine’s thirst for wisdom allowed him to force himself to never settle for anything until all questions were answered completely. Secondly, he was a very independent person which allowed him to think for himself and choose to believe whatever he felt connected with him. Finally, Augustine had so much love for what he believed in and his mind power allowed him to think of extraordinary ideas for how to defend his beliefs. All these aspects made Augustine the remarkable person everyone admired and looked up to. With these characteristics, Augustine cleared up many beliefs about Christianity which would enable more people to understand God’s teachings and reasoning. Augustine’s mind had such high capabilities that it let him achieve a lot more than many
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Augustine - Pete Filippone Ernest Sherretta 11/30/06...

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