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Homework 5: Web Programming

How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

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WPI CS536 (F07) Homework 5 CS 536 Homework 5: Web Programming Due: October 11, electronically via turnin (asgmt name hwk5 ) Next week, we will be discussing programming for the web. To get everyone in the mindset for this discussion, this assignment asks you to write a simple web program with forms and scripts. You may do this assignment in whatever web authoring language you wish as long as your program is up and running on some URL through which I can run your program. Program Requirements Your program must implement the authoring part of a blogging tool, in the spirit of what's shown on this screenshot mockup page . In the mockup, each post has a title, date, and content. The title and body are plain ASCII-text (so if you want HTML tags inside your posts to work, your software will have to escape these explicitly -- handling embedded tags is not required). The main page of the blog has a list of posts, sorted by dates in reverse chronological order and a form for creating new posts. The form has input boxes for each of the title and the post content. When the user
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