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Comm 123 Reid Lecture Notes 1 Comm 123 1/10/07 Farmingville KCET TV SHOW LOOK ON INTERNET There is housing for low income families who are the workers Have contractors and supplies to have large agriculture Politicians and police had no answers to the citizens concern of illegal workers in their society Sachem Quality of Life began in order to find a solution to the problem Illegal workers and contractors became victims of violent acts The workers had candle light marches to hope for a stop to the hatred after 2 workers were beaten Biggest issue that people in long Island stood up for The workers helped themselves out by forming a group headed by a women from El Salvador SQL ended up worrying about national issues after the bill passed for a work line The bill was then vetoed and the workers lost their work center They organized a soccer tournament to allow the community to see them other then workers The people for immigrants were backed by a national coalition Final thoughts Discrimination, control of power and work were major factors for the hatred Comm 123 1/17/07 By looking at individual beliefs and actions we are able to see why mis communication occurs between cultures. Relativism: When u talk about different culture you have to judge them on there own merits. They all have their own value systems. Hofstede’s believes we can look at a set of dimension that can boil down the differences between cultures. Individualism: There are important things in society like economic, social, political what unites a community is the individuals interests. Your individual vote is important when looking at politics. Collectivism: Emphasis is more on the group than the individual. You may subordinate your own self interewst for the better of the group. Where in individualism the groups interests come after your own needs are met. Western cultures are more individualistic and many caucasian, more economically stable. European countries or controled by european powers Collectivist cultures a wider variety of countries producing different assets A culture can fall on this continuum it is not a distinction between Collectivist or individualistic
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Backround differences allow for cultures to miss communicate We can relieve this miss communication if we understand there are differences in cultures and ways of life. Being mindful of the possibilty of difference Think about the consequences when the subordiantion comes into play Social Value Dimension Specific traits within a given culture Communicative tendencies Suggestion for individuals (slide) 1) Its about attributions and cause/effect 2) Collectivist represent themselves with few but key groups 3) Tell them what to do 4) contradictive Suggestion for collectivists (slide) 1) 2) Are a bunch of assholes 3) September 11 th watching TV feeling emotionally detached 4) Military people More individualistic = more money People in Individualistic countries are feeling more lonely We have individualistic cultures because of economics!!! Social Capital = good functioning society
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Comm 123 lecture notes - Comm 123 Reid Lecture Notes Comm...

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