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Chapter 37 Russian Revolution March 1917 first of 2 revolutions in Russia Romanov dynasty fell from rule (ruled since 1613) due to lack of developed industries and infrastructure Provoked Russia lost war with Japan which climaxed the “revolution” on bloody Sunday (Jan. 22 1905) March 8 1917 disorder erupted in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) Duma (assembly) proclaimed a provisional government on March 12 under prince Georgi Lvov Provisional governments plan 1. Planned election of constituent assembly by male voters 2. Introduced civil liberties 3. Implemented 8 hr work days 4. Ended persecution of Jews and released thousands of political prisoners 5. Could not resolve land problem Provisional government was challenged by Soviet workers council (socialists). Lenin Marxist April Theses- declares total opposition to the provisional government and instructed his followers toward a second revolution, claimed communism would allow for and industrial base. Provisional gov. replaced Lvov with Kerensky (moderate social revolutionary) to regain support
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Bolsheviks were gaining strength and Trotsky was released from prison Trotsky secured control of military power, became commander of a military revolutionary committee to protect the city Captured telephone exchange railroad & electric stations, bridges, and gov. buildings as well as threatening the winter palace seat of the provisional gov. on Nov. 6 Next day Lenin was declared head of the new gov. and the following day Kerensky fled. Building communist state
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Chapter_37[1] - Chapter 37 Russian Revolution March 1917...

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