Chapter 43

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43 Turbulent Kennedy Khrushchev era...

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Chapter 43 Turbulent Kennedy – Khrushchev era climaxed by the dramatic confrontation over Cuba came to an end in 1963 Kennedy was assassinated Khrushchev was vacationing in the Crimea, the communist party’s Central Committee stripped him of his power and charging him with a host of errors that included the Cuban crisis, the rift with China, and setbacks in Russias agricultural and industrial growth. Leonid Brezhnev took Khrushchev’s place American involvement in Vietnamese affairs sparked a political and social crisis at home and the escalation of war under President Johnson resulted in the sending of more than 500,000 American troops to Vietnam by the end of 1968. Protests started started on college campuses and demonstrations started throughout the country objecting to the draft. After the Tet Offensive in February 1968, peace talks with North Vietnam opened in Paris and votesrs elected the Republican Richard M. Nixon to the Presidency Nixon began secret bombing of Communist supply routes in Cambodia in 1969, concealing the operation through false reports. Paris Accords officially ended American involvement in the war In 1962, Cuban crisis and the Vietnam War – with withdrawing soviet missiles from Cuba, Khrushchev had tacitly recognized America’s predominance in Latin America Policy of détente - less confrontational method of containing Communist power through diplomatic accords and a flexible system of rewards and punishments by which Washington might moderate Soviet behavior o Basically if you promise to not blow us up, we promise to not blow you up Vietnam had forced the U.S. to accept the limitations of its military strength. Scandal known as Watergate ended Nixon’s presidency
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Chapter 43 - Chapter 43 Turbulent Kennedy Khrushchev era...

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