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SOCIOLOGY 133 COLLECTIVE BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS WINTER 2008 Instructor: Mark Jepson Lecture: MW, 3:00-4:50, Moore 100 Office # - Haines A58d, X44421 Office Hours - Monday at 2:00 and Wednesday at 5:00 Teaching Assistants: Gabriel Nelson and John O’Brien GOAL AND STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE In the words of sociologists Ralph Turner and Lewis Killian (1986:3), "Collective behavior may be defined as those forms of social behavior in which usual conventions cease to guide social action and people collectively transcend, bypass, or subvert established institutional patterns and structures." Our goal in this course will be to explore the various social conditions under which groups - in the form of crowds, publics, and social movement organizations - intentionally or unintentionally transgress - and sometimes transform - the social order. Working from within this basic conceptual framework, we will study rumor, panic, fads and fashion, disasters, and riots in the first half of the quarter, and social movements in the second half. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Required Reading Gary Marx and Douglas McAdam, Collective Behavior and Social Movements (Prentice-Hall, 1994) Course Reader, Collective Behavior and Social Movements (APS, 2008) Both items can be purchased at the bookstore, or can be found on reserve at Powell Library. Exams You will be tested on all the required reading and all the information covered in lecture, discussion section, and films. The lectures will follow the Marx and McAdam text, but they will also contain material not covered in the reading. Both the midterm and final exams will consist of two parts. Part I will contain short essay questions - four on the midterm and six on the final - worth six points each. Part II on both exams will consist of one essay question worth ten points each. The final exam is not cumulative. Study guides will be distributed one week before each exam. Make-ups will be granted only with a
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