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Let's Talk About Sex a - 1 Let's Talk About Sex As living...

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9/30/07 Let’s Talk About Sex As living creatures, we must reproduce in order for our species to live on. And in order to reproduce, we must have sex. It is a part of life. Without it, no one would exist. Human sexual motivation is different than animals. They have more of a drive that pushes the animal to engage in sexual behavior. Humans have motivations and desires that arouse sexual behaviors. Sex was created to reproduce, but for humans it became more then just “baby making”. Sex isn’t a need like hunger, it’s a desire. The desire to have sex is affect by both external and internal stimuli. Sexual motivation, unlike eating, is less influenced by biological factors. The social culture and psychological factors plays a more vital role. Studies show that men become more aroused when they hear or see erotica. But, some women who have participated in the studies also became aroused as well. These studies prove that just by the sound or sight of something sexual, a person can, either male or female, can become aroused. Sexual stimulation also comes from the brain, our most significant sex organ. Our imagination can influence our desires and sexual arousal. Even while we sleep, people think about sex. Most men and approximately 40 percent of women dreams contain some kind of sexual imagery which leads to an orgasm. For men, nocturnal emissions or wet dreams are likely to happen if he hasn’t had an orgasm recently. While men and women
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Let's Talk About Sex a - 1 Let's Talk About Sex As living...

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