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Azain 1 Sarah Azain Professor Campbell English 1101 Serial Killer Essay November 27, 2007 People Aren’t Always Who They Seem Albert Fish appears to be the average sweet old man from down the street, but that’s what he wanted people to think. His mug shot alone can make the hair on people’s necks stand on end. Fish has a way of gaining the trust of everyone he meets, and when they aren’t looking, he does the unspeakable: he murders. Albert Fish had a dark past, which led him to a troubled adult-hood and thus sending him a one-way ticket to the electric chair. Fish still manages to strike fear into the hearts of many, and was the inspiration of the popular American horror film “Silence of the Lambs”. Albert Fish’s true story will send chills up anyone’s spine, and even make them cringe. Albert Fish has a dark past because of his family and where he was raised. His childhood is most likely the root of his insanity and why he did such awful things. His father died when he was just a boy, and his mother then gave him up for adoption because she was having trouble supporting herself and her son. Growing up in an orphanage is where investigators have traced his sadistic qualities. Though Fish wasn’t at the orphanage long, he was there long enough to witness terrible acts. He would get pleasure from being beaten and watching others being beaten (Bardsley 23). His mother picked him up from the orphanage a few years later, once she could
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Azain 2 financially handle having her son. Fish wasn’t the only one in his family to be considered insane. His “uncle suffered from a religious psychosis” which is similar to what Fish may have had (Bardsley 19). Some sort of psychosis also affected the majority of his family; including his two brothers, his half brother, his aunt, his sister, and his own mother. Some of his family members were institutionalized. Fish had a hard life growing up, and having an insane family couldn’t have been easy, but that is no excuse for the crimes he committed In result of his crazy genetics, he grew up to be a troubled young man, but his odd behaviors weren’t noticed until 1917, the same year his wife left him for another
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Albert Fish - Azain 1 Sarah Azain Professor Campbell...

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