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Homework 9: Program Verification

How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

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WPI CS536 (F07) Homework 9 CS 536 Homework 9: Program Verification Due: December 6 in class (handwritten is fine) Slides corresponding to class material have been posted to myWPI. They are not linked to the course page to prevent Google from picking them up. The posted notes use a different temporal logic (CTL) than we covered in class. You may use either for this assignment, just tell me which one you used. 1. For each of the following statements, either write an equivalent statement in LTL or argue why there is no such formula. These examples are phrased in terms of web pages. Assume that states correspond to following/clicking links and that there is a proposition for each page name (like "login", "billing", etc). 1. There is no way to get to the checkout page without first visiting the billing page. 2. No sequence of clicks leads to the error page. 3. There is always some chain of links back to the login page. 4. Every even-numbered page (assuming pages were numbered in order) is an advertisement (odd-numbered pages can be anything).
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