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PHSX 114 - Homework #1

PHSX 114 - Homework #1 - Multiply 3.017E2 m by 0.082E-1...

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PHSX 114 HOMEWORK #1 Question 1: (1 point) How many significant figures do each of the following numbers have? Enter only numbers in your answer. (Do not include units.) a. 3573 b. 223.0 c. 21.405 d. 0.007 e. 0.093 f. 48
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g. 4000 Question 2: (2 points)
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Unformatted text preview: Multiply 3.017E2 m by 0.082E-1, taking into account significant figures. Question 3: (2 points) An airplane travels at 9.5E2 km/h . How long does it take to travel 1.00 km?...
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