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PHSX 114 - Homework #14

PHSX 114 - Homework #14 - piano to a sixth-story window...

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PHSX 114 – HOMEWORK # 14 Question 1: (1 point) A novice skier, starting from rest, slides down a frictionless 35.0° incline whose vertical height is 185 m. How fast is she going when she reaches the bottom? Number Units Question 2: (1 point) How long will it take a 1.13E3-W motor to lift a 327-kg
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Unformatted text preview: piano to a sixth-story window 16.0 m above? Number Units Question 3: (1 point) What is the horsepower rating of a 40-W lightbulb? Enter your answer with 2 significant digits. Enter scientific notation as 1.23E4. Enter only numbers in your answer. (Do not include units.) hp 1...
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