PHSX 114 - Homework #15

PHSX 114 - Homework #15 - Enter scientific notation as...

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PHSX 114 – HOMEWORK # 15 Question 1: (1 point) A constant friction force of 39 N acts on a 42-kg skier for 24 s . What is the skier’s change in velocity? Number Units Question 2: (2 points) A 9,400-kg boxcar traveling at 17.2 m/s strikes a second boxcar at rest. The two stick together and move off with a speed of 7.3 m/s . What is the mass of the second car?
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Unformatted text preview: Enter scientific notation as 1.23E4. Number Units Question 3: (2 points) A 3.45E3-kg open railroad car coasts along with a constant speed of 9.70 m/s on a level track. Snow begins to fall vertically and fills the car at a rate of 4.10 kg/min . Ignoring friction with the tracks, what is the speed of the car after 127 min ? Number Units...
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