Exam 3 [Spring 2007]

Exam 3 [Spring 2007] - W 7 March 2007 1:00 p.m 1:50 p.m...

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W 7 March 2007 CODE # 1 1:00 p.m. – 1:50 p.m. PHYSICS 114 Third Hour Exam INSTRUCTIONS: Answer each question. All questions carry equal weight. You should calculate your answers to three (3) significant figures. Your answer may not agree exactly with one of the possible answers, but your answer, if correct, should agree with one of the possible answers to at least two (2) significant figures. Be sure to enter the code number, found in the upper right corner of this page, in the appropriate box in your scantron answer sheet. All information supplied by you on your scantron sheet must be left justified, that is it must be entered beginning at the left hand end of the entry box. 1. Consider a planet which has three times the mass of the earth, but the same radius. With g being the acceleration at the surface of the earth due to gravity, the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of this planet is (a) g (b) 3g (c) g (d) 9g (e) g/9 2. If a satellite has a circular orbit of radius, r, and period, T, about the earth, then a satellite in a circular orbit about the earth of period, 8T, will have an orbital radius of (a) r (b) 0.25r (c) 8r (d) r/8 (e) 4r 3. The Earth has a radius, R E , and a mass, M E .A body of mass, m, is located outside the earth at a
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Exam 3 [Spring 2007] - W 7 March 2007 1:00 p.m 1:50 p.m...

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