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Sarah Azain Professor Campbell English 1101 Literary Analysis Essay October 2, 2007 Family is Everything I am fortunate enough that I have never lost a close family member. From Reading Alice Sebold’s novel “The Lovely Bones”, I have learned that the Salmon family handles their daughter Suzie’s death just like any other family, they don’t know how to react. Suzie Salmon is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in suburbia. She is raped and then murdered by a neighbor, Mr. Harvey. Suzie then watches her family and community from heaven. She is the daughter of Jack Salmon, who deals with Suzie’s death by becoming obsessed with who killed his daughter, which isn’t healthy for anyone in his family. Abigail Salmon is Suzie’s mother who doesn’t want to deal with Suzie’s death, so she runs away, but learns an important lesson about distancing herself from her problems. The Salmons have two children other than Suzie. Lindsey is the middle child, she feels like everyone looks at her and sees Suzie, and thinks of her as the “dead girl’s sister”. Then, Buckley, who is the youngest of the Salmon children, is very young when Suzie is murdered and he doesn’t really understand where she is, which leads to a long struggle that he battles alone. No one in Suzie’s family deals with her death in a healthy manner. The Salmon family needs to move on from what they lost, and focus on the one thing they all have: family. Jack has a hard time letting go of Suzie and this prevents his family from healing. He feels that he should have been there to protect his daughter, “the guilt of him, the hand of God pressing down on him”(p.59). This guilt keeps him awake at night; it distracts him through out the day, which keeps him from truly seeing his family, and he becomes
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Azain 2 obsessed with finding his daughters killer. Though he has many great attempts through out the story he ends up with nothing, and one time his false assumption brings him to the emergency room after being severely beaten. Jack spends almost a decade trying to find closure by finding Suzie’s bones or finding her killer, but he never found closure, and that is what ultimately leads him to have a heart attack. He just couldn’t let go, and
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the lovely bones - Sarah Azain Professor Campbell English...

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