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Sarah Azain Professor Campbell English 1101 Classification Essay October 16, 2007 Life with Roommates I live in an apartment with three great girls; they are more commonly referred to as: the roommates. We spend a lot of time eating, watching TV, and talking. It’s almost like we are a mini family that consists of four sisters, and no parents. One can imagine how crazy the house can get. My roommates are some of the most interesting people anyone will ever meet, but they fit the classifications of the three typical types of roommates: the partier, the talker, and the studier. Roommates can be distinguished by their courteousness, their cleanliness, their study habits, and their personality. The partier is one of the worst types of roommates a person can have. The partier is the roommate who isn’t really courteous of the other roommates in the house. She comes home late, often intoxicated, and always loud. This is unfortunate for me because I am a light sleeper and when she comes in loud and intoxicated at 4 in the morning, I have a hard time getting back to sleep. She is typically the messiest out of all the other roommates. She comes in and throws her jacket, purse, or whatever else seems to be occupying her hands, down on the couch. The couch is meant to be a common place for
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Roommates - Sarah Azain Professor Campbell English 1101...

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