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Unformatted text preview: The New Deal, 19331941 A New Kind of Liberalism, A New Kind of Democrat The Great Depression Stock Market Crash Industrial Plants shut down or cut back Unemployment skyrockets Farm Prices plummet Bank Savings lost Traditional Relief agencies overwhelmed Hoover as Bad Guy "Hoovervilles" Hoover was a Progressive Republican Limits to government intervention Bonus Army episode Election of 1932 Hoover and GOP Franklin Roosevelt and Democrats "New Deal" promise Landslide, but then what . . . ? The "First" New Deal, 193334 First 100 Days Key Programs AAA, NIRA, FDIC, FERA, Social Security, Goals: CCC, TVA, CWA Repair the Economy Provide Immediate Relief Save Capitalism by Reforming It National Industrial Recovery Act NIRA NRA Industry Committees Cotton Textile Code Section 7A of the Code Real People's Lives The New Deal moves Left 1934: Businessmen offend FDR Huey Long's popularity Townsend Plan popular 1934 Congressional Elections The "Second" New Deal 1935 was key year Goal: Create a "Welfare State" Key Programs 1. Social Security 2. Wagner Act Old Age Pensions Unemployment Insurance (UI) Response to Violations of Section 7A Strong Protection for Unions National Labor Relations Board Rise of Organized Labor Congress of Industrial Organization (C.I.O) A.F.L. Responds Massive Gains for Unions Except in the South Why Not the South? The 1934 Strike? Rise of Labor, 19351938 19 On 55 wa rd Impact of Wagner Act ...
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