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Sindoori Murugavel Philosophy 303K Reader Response #2 (Feb 6) Animal Rights The topic of animal rights has been present for centuries. There are supporters and advocates of human rights. Some are extremists; for example, the International League of the Rights of Animals proclaims that all animals have equal claims on life, and that zoos are immoral. On the other hand, a less extreme view is held by utilitarians: moral value depends solely on amounts of pleasure and pain; it makes no difference whether the pleasure or pain is felt by a human or an animal. Extreme views illustrate the argument better so extreme views on animal rights are going to be discussed in this reader response. The most ardent advocate of animal rights movement is the International League of the Rights of Animals. The International League of the Rights of Animals believes that animals should be treated as an equal to human beings. However, many of the points made in their declaration is unrealistic. For example, if proclamation #4 (all wild animals have the right to liberty in
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Unformatted text preview: their natural environment, whether land, air, or water, and should be allowed to procreate.) was followed, then there would have been no real development of civilization. North America was a mostly all wild land, except for that land that was cultivated by some native tribes. When settlers came in, the wilderness was cut down to make room for civilization. By clearing the environment of the wild, animal life was harmed, either because the animals were left without a home or because they were killed during the process. If all these settlers were conscientious of animals and their right to freedom, then progress would have been stopped in the sake of protecting the animals. The United States of America would not have come into existence. Humans are also hurt on the path to progress for a civilization. Wars are fought and lives are taken. In short, The goals of the League are unrealistic, and the scenario above illustrates the point....
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