Experiment 2 Reaction Order

Experiment 2 Reaction Order - Chemistry 114 Reaction Order...

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Matt Ditkoff Hannah Ayers TA: Sara Vadlamannati CHM 114 Section 5 Reaction Order 2/12/08
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The purpose of this experiment was to find the reaction order of the reaction between crystal violet and sodium hydroxide. We did this by using a colorimeter. We also wanted to learn how to use excel. Procedure: First we filled two curvets with distilled water. We then set up the colorimeter to be used in the experiment. Then we placed the two curvets into the reference and sample holders in the colorimeter. We then calibrated the colorimeter using the water. We then took out the curvet in the sample holder. We then took a test tube and filled it with 40 drops of the sodium hydroxide (0.01 M), and in another test tube we put 40 drops of the crystal violet (1x10-5 M). We then poured the sodium hydroxide into the crystal violet test tube and then quickly poured it into a curvet. We then placed the curvet into the sample holder of the colorimeter. We then pressed start/stop twice to start the colorimeter collecting data. We recorded the absorbance data every minute. For twenty minutes. After this was done we poured out the curvet and did the hole experiment over again except this time we used 0.02 M sodium hydroxide. Original Data Sheet:
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Experiment 2 Reaction Order - Chemistry 114 Reaction Order...

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