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Sindoori Murugavel Sm24334 TA session time: Th 4-5p Reader Response #3 The Environment, Social Risk Assessments The way an individual and a utilitarian look at the goodness of the environment varies. Utilitarians look at environmental issues in terms of consequences, that is, in terms of costs and benefits. Still, there are those who argue that that the cost and benefit analysis is not sufficient to gauge the consequences. Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich believe that caution is required in making decisions that affect the environment. They both believe that caution is something that is necessary when making decisions that affect the environment which in turn affects many people. They also do not believe that if an activity is too risky, that people will decide not to pay the costs and the activity will fade away. Societies can’t make the kinds of conscious risk assessments that informed individuals can make for themselves. The consequences of making a decision for a society would cause more harm than an individual making a bad decision. So, societal
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