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9.17 midterm-prep - WPI CS1102 Miterm Prep Guide CS 1102:...

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WPI CS1102 Miterm Prep Guide CS 1102 : Accelerated Intro to Program Design Preparing for the Midterm Our Goals for the Midterm The midterm tests your skills at functional programming in Scheme. It will cover material up through higher order functions (expected to finish the Thursday before the exam). I want to see how well you are developing instincts for programming in Scheme. Note: We tend to give long exams that produce grades all along the spectrum. If you are doing very well with the material, you should be able to finish the exam within the 50 minutes. Many students will not finish the exam, and we're aware of that when determining the passing cutoff. We don't define that cutoffs in advance (in case the exam goes unusually badly for the class as a whole); in past terms, however, the midterm passing cutoff has been around 50. We don't tell you this to make you nervous now, but to keep you from panicking during the exam. What We Care About on the Exam Code that follows templates. You will lose points for code that does not follow the templates. Furthermore, if you can write down the correct template, even if you can't fill it in, you will get half credit for a question. Know the templates. Note that you do not need to write the template separately on the exam, unless a question asks otherwise. If you are at all shaky on programming in Scheme, we do recommend that you start
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9.17 midterm-prep - WPI CS1102 Miterm Prep Guide CS 1102:...

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