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EVALUATION CHART FOR BUAD 301 CRITERIA EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY POOR UNSATISFACTORY C CONTENT/CASE Clarity, completeness Handles all elements of the case professionally; develops and supports ideas using well-chosen examples and creative details. Handles all elements of the case with skill: develops and supports ideas in a better-than- average way. Handles case material competently; includes essential information; factually correct Misses one major element of the case; leaves out essential information; some minor factual errors. Misses two or more elements of the case; major factual errors; misinterprets case assignment. L * LITERACY Grammar, spelling, punc. * threshold category. You must earn a C here to pass. Makes virtually no grammatical or syntactical errors. Establishes credibility with the audience. Proofreads to eliminate most grammatical and syntactical errors. May have minor problems with punctuation or usage.
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