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Study Guide for MGMT 339 Midterm #2, Spring 2008 ____________ ___ P. Choi Stevenson’s Textbook Chapter 4: Product and Service Design I. Design for Operations / Product Life Cycles II. Standardization / Mass customization: Delayed differentiation, Modular design III. Reverse Engineering/Concurrent Engineering/Remanufacturing/Quality Function Deployment IV. Characteristics of Service Design a. Service Design Matrix – Chase Bank Chapter 5: Capacity Planning I. Bottleneck II. Economies/Diseconomies of Scale III. Quantitative problems: a. Efficiency/Utilization – No formula will be given b. Cost-Volume Analysis (Break-Even Analysis) – Formula for this will be given. Chapter 6: Process Selection and Facility Layout I. Process Selection: Product-Process Matrix and the Characteristics of each process a. Job shop b. Batch c. Repetitive d. Continuous Process II. Product layout/Process layout/Combination (Cellular/FMS) III. Assembly Line Balancing
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Unformatted text preview: a. Relationship between Output, Cycle Time, and Number of Workstations b. Drawing precedence diagrams c. Cycle time calculation d. Calculating number of stations needed e. Assigning tasks for the fully expanded table with the given rules f. Calculating average idle time and Efficiency Chapter 9: Quality Management I. Evolution of Quality Management II. Quality Gurus and their theories III. Dimensions of quality IV. Costs of Quality V. Awards and Certificates in Quality VI. Total Quality Management / Continuous Improvement VII. Basic Quality Tools Chapter 10: Quality Control V. Acceptance Sampling / Process Control / Continuous Improvement VI. Inspection costs / Inspection Points VII. Statistical Process Control and Control Charts: Know the types and usages. VIII. SPC Errors: Type I, II / Run Tests IX. Process Capability Ratio / Index...
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