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Mid2Fall04 - CSCI 485 Midterm II December 2 Fall 2004 Prof...

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CSCI 485, Midterm II December 2, Fall 2004 Prof. Shahram Ghandeharizadeh Warm-up (15 points) 1. (5 points) Write your name and student-id on your blue book. 2. (10 points) What does it mean for a program to be a transaction? (Definition of the term “transaction” is sufficient as an answer.) Query Processing (40 points) In preparation for you going home, I contacted Santa Claus for a list of gifts he is bringing each of the csci485 students. He had re-organized his North Pole office with a relational database management system (DBMS) and provided me with remote-access to his system. I found two relevant tables: Person (pid, name, age, good-or-bad, gift-id) and Gifts(gift-id, price, quantity). Santa’s wife explained that she has been looking up our web site on query processing and has analyzed Santa’s DBMS. She said there are 100,000 rows in the Person table and 10,000 rows in the Gifts table (t(Person)=100,000 and t(Gifts)=10,000). She also said 10 rows of Person table fit per disk page and 20 rows of Gifts table fit per disk page. Thus, P(person) = 10,000 and P(Gifts)=500.
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