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BME 501 Advanced Topics in Biomedical Systems(4) Fall 2008 9:30-10:50 MW OHE 100B Instructor: Stanley Yamashiro, Ph. D. [email protected] Office Hrs: 11am-1:30 pm MW TA: Textbooks (Required): Respiratory Physiology: The Essentials J.B West, 8 th Edition, Cardiovascular Physiology M.N Levy and A.J. Pappano, 9 th edition Muscle section: To be announced Aug 25(M) Course Introduction-Ch 1 West Structure and Function 27(W) Ch 2 Ventilation Sept 1(M) Holiday 3(W) Ch 3 Diffusion 8(M) Ch 4 Blood Flow and Metabolism 10(W) Ch 5 Ventilation-perfusion 15(M)
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Unformatted text preview: Ch 6 Gas Transport by the Blood 17(W) Ch 7 Mechanics of Breathing 22(M) Ch 8 Control of Breathing 24(W) “ Dynamic Models 29(M) “ Control Stability Oct 1(W) Ch 9 Respiratory System Under Stress 6(M) Ch 10 Pulmonary Function Tests 8(W) Review 13(M) Exam 1 Oct 15-Dec 3 section 2 Cardiovascular and Muscle Physiology- details to be posted Dec 3(W) Exam 2 Grading: Exams(No final exam!) with the following weights 14/29 exam 1, 15/29 exam2 (determines 90% of grade), assignments are 10% of the grade...
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