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PHY220 Ch21-26 Test A5

PHY220 Ch21-26 Test A5 - PHY 220 Classical Physcis II...

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PHY 220 Classical Physcis II Chapter 21 - 26 Test A5 Fall 2014 Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Can electric field lines intersect in free space? A) No. B) Yes, but only at the centroid of an equilateral triangle with like charges at each corner. C) Yes, but only at the midpoint between two equal like charges. D) Yes, but only at the midpoint between a positive and a negative charge. 1) 2) A wire of resistivity ρ must be replaced in a circuit by a wire four times as long. If, however, the total resistance is to remain as before, the diameter of the new wire must A) be two times smaller. B) be four times larger. C) remain unchanged. D) be four times smaller. E) be two times larger. 2) 3) A proton is placed in an electric field of intensity 525 N/C. What is the magnitude and direction of the acceleration of this proton due to this field? 3) 4) Three point charges each equal to 10 microcoulombs are located at x = 1m, x = 2m, and x = 3m, respectively, on the x - axis. What is the magnitude of the electric field at the origin? 4) 5) An atom has more electrons than protons. The atom is 5) 6) If an all electric house uses 2500 kWh in a month, what will the amount of the bill for electricity be at a rate of 11.25 cents per kWh? A) $220 B) $230 C) $228 D) $253 E) $305 6) 1
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7) A galvanometer with a coil resistance of 40.0 Ω deflects full scale for a current of 2.0 mA. What series resistance should be used with this galvanometer in order to construct a voltmeter that deflects full scale for 50 V? 7) SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question.
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