BME_501_fall2008_resphw2_sol - PaO2(1)=0.0936*713=66.7 mm...

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BME 501 Resp. HW #2 1. will post separately 2. VA=.14*5/.10=7 (760-17.5)*7/(273+20) = (760-47)*VBTPS/(273+37) VBTPS=7.71 liters VSTPD=.826*VBTPS(class notes)=.826*7.71=6.37 liters FACO(0)=FICO*VI/VA=.003*5/7=.00214 DLCO=6.37*60*ln(.00214/.001)/(10*713)=.0408 l/ Hg 40.8 ml/ Hg 3. VL=3 liters BTPS dP=-(760-47)dV/3 dPbox=0.03 cmH2O dV=.03 cm H2O *.01/.02 = .015 liter dP=-713*.015/3 = 3.57 dP=3.57 mm Hg *1.37 cm H2O/mm Hg =4.88 cm H2O R=dP/d Flow = 4.88/1 = 4.88 cm H2O/l/sec 4. V/Q=1/3 FAO2=0.0936 FACO2=.0615 V/Q=2/2 FAO2=0.1516 FACO2=0.0566 V/Q=3/1 FAO2=0.1897 FACO2=0.0457 Alveolar gas-O2 6*FAO2= 1*0.0936+2*0.1516+3*0.1897 FAO2=0.1610 PAO2=0.1610*713=114.8 mm Hg 6*FACO2=1*0.0615+2*0.0566+3*0.0457 FACO2=0.0520 PACO2=0.0520*713=37.1 mm Hg Arterial Blood-O2
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Unformatted text preview: PaO2(1)=0.0936*713=66.7 mm Hg SaO2(1)=0.9092 PaO2(2)=0.1516*713=111.2 SaO2(2)=0.988 PaO2(3)=0.1897*713=135.3 SaO2(3)=0.996 6*SaO2=3*.9092+2*.988+1*.996 SaO2=0.9499 SaO2=(1-exp(-.046*PaO2))^2 PaO2=-ln(1-sqrt(SaO2))/.046=79.872 mm Hg Alveolar gas-CO2 6*FACO2=1*0.0615+2*0.0566+3*0.0457 FACO2=0.0520 PACO2=0.0520*713=37.076 Arterial Blood-CO2 CaCO2=48+6*(PaCO2-40)/7 PaCO2(1)=.0615*713=43.8495 mm Hg CaCO2(1)=51.2996 PaCO2(2)=.0566*713=40.3558 mm Hg CaCO2(2)=48.3050 PaCO2(3)=.0457*713=32.5841 mm Hg CaCO2(3)=41.6435 6*CaCO2=3*51.2996+2*48.3050+1*41.6435 CaCO2=48.6921 ml/100 ml PaCO2=(240+4.8447)/6=40.8074 mm Hg PAO2-PaO2=114.8-79.872=34.928 mm Hg PACO2-PaCO2=37.076-40.8074=-3.7314 mm Hg...
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This note was uploaded on 01/11/2009 for the course BME 501 taught by Professor Yamashiro,hsiai during the Fall '07 term at USC.

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BME_501_fall2008_resphw2_sol - PaO2(1)=0.0936*713=66.7 mm...

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