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EE569 Digital Image Processing HOMEWORK #3 Geometrical Modification, Texture Analysis and OCR Issued: 10/10/2008 Due: 11/07/2008 (Friday, 5PM) Problem 1: Geometric Modification (30%) (a) Geometric transform (15%) Four sub-pictures of a scene containing a boat were found and scanned into digital sub-images “boat1.raw” ~ “boat4.raw”. Each sub-image represents exactly one quarter of the scene but with different scales and orientations. Write a program to implement a geometric transformation algorithm to create the registered image of size 512x512 as shown in Figure 1(b). (a) Sub-pictures: boat1.raw ~ boat4.raw (b) Desired image output Figure 1. Boat One possible way to do it is: 1) Find the coordinates of corners in each sub-image denoted by F i [ x , y ], i=1,2,3,4 . This must be done by your program. You will lose points if you do this manually. 2) Design a generic geometric transform ( q x , q y ) = Ξ i ( p x , p y ) which maps point ( p x , p y ) to point ( q x , q y ) in the i- th sub-image. Here, you need to combine one or more translation, rotation and scaling operations together. After the generic geometric transformation, the transformed i- th sub-image should be a square image with its sides aligned with the horizontal and vertical axes. 3) Implement the interpolation function Θ (·) such that Θ ( F i [ Ξ i ( x , y )]) will be of size 256 x 256. 4) Concatenate { Θ ( F i [ Ξ i ( x , y )]), i = 1,2,3,4} to get the above image on the right. Hint: Bi-linear interpolation may be needed to generate the pixel value at fractional positions. 1
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(b) Spatial warping (15%) You can use the spatial warping technique to create fantastic images. Figure 2 shows an example: We can warp a square-shaped image (on the left) into another shape (on the right). (a) square-shaped
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EE569_2008_Fall_HW3_Updated - EE569 Digital Image...

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