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EE569 Digital Image Processing (08/29/2008) HOMEWORK #1 Watermark Technology, Image Enhancement, Noise Removal Issued: 08/29/2008 Due: 09/19/2008 General Instructions: 1. This document and all the mentioned files are posted under the “Assignments” folder on DEN website: . 2. Homework submission and return will be handled electrically ONLY. Both on-campus and off-campus students should complete the submission by 5PM Pacific Time on the due date. No late submissions will be accepted. A. Submission A complete submission should contain two files: one report file (*.doc (MS Word) or *.pdf) and one compressed file (*.zip, *.rar, *.tar, or *.gz) containing your source code. The naming of these two files should be EE569_hw#1_YourStudentID_YourLastname.* Links to the submission folders will be provided on the DEN website along with the assignment. Please upload you report file and zipped source code file to the corresponding folders. The report should include, but not limited to the following: a. Description of your motivation b. Description of your approach and procedures c. Results d. Discussion of your approach and results e. Your answer to the non-programming questions, if any The compressed file should include the following ONLY a. Your source code (C/C++/Matlab ONLY) b. Compiling and executing instructions Please do NOT include any image data files or executables. There are some restrictions if you are using Matlab, for example, Image Processing Toolbox (except the imshow() and image()) are NOT allowed. Please refer to homework submission guidelines for more details.
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EE569_2008_Fall_HW1 - EE569 Digital Image Processing...

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