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Final: IR Exam1 According to realists the anarchic structure of the international system leads to: A self-help system in which states are responsible for their own security The geopolitical characteristics that determine a state’s foreign policy behavior are it’s: Location and physical terrain Assessing the Cuban Missile Crisis, Alison said of his three models of decision-making: All three models are necessary to understand crisis decision-making In the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy’s use of the Executive Committee instead of the already established National Security Council represents: The sort of bargaining and compromising that goes on in all major government decisions Allison maintains that when we assess other states’ decision-making processes: We tend to assume only the rational actor model because it is easiest to get information about. Which of the following is NOT a consequence of WWII: The world shifted from a bi polar to a multi-polar distribution of power The US strategy of dealing with the perceived Soviet threat after WWII by forming many alliances around the Soviet Union was known as: Containment A development strategy that encourages domestic manufacturing by keeping out products from abroad and using locally manufactured goods instead is: Import led substitution One factor accounting for slow economic development in the Global South is: Considerable spending on military forces in order to cope with unstable neighbors Which of the following is an objective of the UN: Promoting peaceful resolution of disputes The term irredentism refers to: Attempt by an ethnic group to reclaim, by force, territory inhabited by their fellow ethnic group members in other states The patterns of political interactions in the global arena constitute the: Global political system
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Major transforming in world politics tend to occur: At the conclusion of major wars Independent, territorially defined community administered by a sovereign government is: State The condition in which the units in the global system are subject to few if any overarching institutions to regulate their conduct is known as: Anarchy People’s psychological tendency to deny or rationalize away discrepancies between their existing beliefs and new information is known as: Cognitive dissonance The state level of analysis emphasizes: Internal characteristics of individual states After WWI ended liberals advocated avoiding future wars by: Using legal procedures to mediate disputes Liberal thought is based on all the following tenets or beliefs except: Isolationism is the best means to prevent war Realists believe that states are the most important actors in global politics because: States need answer to no higher authority than themselves During the Cold War, the ideology that was most prominent was: Realism Complex interdependence: Emphasizes non-state actors and economic issues The theory that democratic states may wage war against other states but not each other is: Democratic Peace
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IRStudyGuide - Final IR Exam1 According to realists the...

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