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note2 - Friday For Monday 1/14 read Rogers Smith Civic...

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Friday, January 11, 2008 For Monday 1/14, read: Rogers Smith, Civic Ideals & Sinnott-Armstrong + Brison, “A Philosophical Introduction” Review procedural justice – e.g. trial justice (4 th and 5 th amendment) – making sure cops and judges don’t take bribes…it’s a procedurally clean justice - different from sub… justice if have correct size for the institutional design for nation…than everything will naturally flow from system Federalist papers are counter arguments Federalist #78 – Hamilton (aka “Publus”) Counterarguments to Yates (aka “Brutus”) 1) Judiciary speaks for the people 2) Prevents fads 3) Protects against factions Protects people from being in an “in” group or “out” group Judges can only lose justice shift over treason or until they die They are worried about this judiciary power Judiciary is there to protect people There is a social contract amongst the people What if people don’t like the way the court interpret the constitution
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