EE102 Project

EE102 Project - in the time domain-converting LaPlace...

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EE102 - W07 Low-Pass Filter for a Noisy Signal - 1 -
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Table of Contents 1: Introduction and Results 2: Conclusion and References 3 – 8: Graphs a)Input b)Impulse Response c)Step Response d)Amplitude vs. Frequency e)Phase vs. Frequency f) Output - 2 -
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Introduction : The project consists of performing a low-pass filter on a noisy signal to produce an audio clip where the word ‘coffee’ is audible. We use various techniques such as: - converting equations from the time domain to the s-domain, - converting a system function in the s-domain to an impulse response function
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Unformatted text preview: in the time domain,-converting LaPlace transform into the equivalent Fourier transform in the frequency domain,-calculating the amplitude and phase of a function in the frequency domain, and-performing a convolution integral on the noisy signal input to retrieve a useable output. Results: 1. When plotted, waveform2 was just a plot of a half-second noisy signal. 2. The audio signal produced from waveform2 consisted of a half-second of white noise. 3.- 3 -...
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EE102 Project - in the time domain-converting LaPlace...

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