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Chapter Summaries Chapter Four: Obtaining assistance for Making Buying Decisions - Buyers do not make decisions alone. They seek out and use as much information as possible before making purchasing decisions. - Retail buyers use some form of marketing research to help them make decisions, even if it is very informal. They seek out secondary data first before trying to obtain primary data on their own. - Store records, such as sales and inventory, are key sources of information for buyers; however, such information shows a buyer only what sold or did not sell. Buyers should contact sales associates and store managers for assistance in determining why customers purchased or did not purchase merchandise in the store. - Buyers can seek information from customers through formal surveys or advisory groups - Buyers need to read to keep up-to-date. Consumer magazines and newspapers are required reading, as are trade magazines directed toward their specific retailing area - Vendors are sources of information and assistance but should not make decisions for the buyer. - Buyers must continually monitor the competition through comparison- shopping trips or through similar information provided by comparison- shopping bureaus. - Buyers can use the services of fashion forecasters and reporting services to monitor trends and changes in the retail market. Such services are especially useful for recognizing long-range trends. -
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Chapter Summaries - ChapterSummaries

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