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Dr. Magma's Top Ten List - 2 (things you just got to know) 1a. How do we classify faults? (Describe the distribution of stresses that cause the various types) 1b. How do we classify folds in terms of orientation and type of deformation? (Describe the properties of the rock units that cause the various types) 2. What are the differences between Mercalli Scale, the Richter Scale, and the Moment Magnitude scale for Earthquake intensity? 3a. What variations do we see in the Earth’s magnetic field? (at the present time as we change our location, and over geologic time) 3b. What variations do we see in the Earth’s Gravitational field? 4. For the following major geologic time breaks (divisions between major units), give the date (years before the present) and the reason we divide geologic time at that point. Archean / Proterozoic Proterozoic / Phanerozoic Paleozoic / Mesozoic Mesozoic / Cenozoic Tertiary / Quaternary
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What is the age of the Earth, and how do we know it? (Describe one of the dating techniques we use) 6. How is the development of atmosphere during the Pre-Cambrian tied to the development of life on Earth? (Describe the evidence we have that the atmosphere was different during the Pre-cambrian) 7. What led to the sudden appearance of abundant fossils in the Cambrian? 8. How does the distribution of continents during the Phanerozoic (Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic) relate to the development of the Appalachian mountains in the Eastern US and the Cordilleran Mountains (“the Rockies”) in the western US? 9. What evidence suggests dinosaurs were warm-blooded? 10. What evidence can we use to prove that a suspected geologic area has had a meteorite impact? 11. What evidence do we find for continental glaciation in the northern US during the Quaternary?...
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