Exam 2 - Name_ Geology 111 - Second Hour Exam - Spring 2007...

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Name__________________ Geology 111 - Second Hour Exam - Spring 2007 1. Put name in the upper right hand corner. 2. There are 100 total points on this exam. 3. Please read each question carefully. 4. Write all of your answers on the front or back of this exam. 5. No textbooks, notebooks, notes, or scratch paper may be used. 6. No cell phones, No bathroom breaks, No talking. (20 points) I. True or False - (circle the correct answer). 1. Gravity is stronger at the Earth’s poles than at the Equator. T. 2. At most locations a degree of latitude is larger than a degree of longitude. T. 3. Cyclothems are an extinct coral-like animal that were the main reef-builders in the Cambrian. F. 4. Jurassic basins in New Jersey and Connecticut contain terrestrial red-beds with dinosaur footprints. T. 5. Warm salt water over cold fresh water resists mixing. F. 6. Ductile rocks generally respond to excess stress by folding. T. 7. The hiatus of a fold is the midline between the two limbs. F. 8. Plate tectonic movement was generally slower in the Archean. F. 9. Milankovitch cycles in the Quaternary are affected by changes in the Earth’s tilt and orbit. T. 10. The C13 / C12 ratio of marine fossils provides a useful technique for measuring past ocean temperatures. F. (20 points ) II. Multiple choice (circle the correct answer). 1. The Appalachian Mountains formed during the : a. Taconic Orogeny. b.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course GEOL 111 taught by Professor Naslund during the Spring '08 term at Binghamton University.

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Exam 2 - Name_ Geology 111 - Second Hour Exam - Spring 2007...

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