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CRP 165: Introduction to Community and Regional Planning PORTFOLIO A portfolio is the collection of items required and used throughout this course. Instead of a final research paper, the portfolio will display elements that make up a profile of your overall skills and evolution of thinking about planning throughout the semester. The specific organization of your portfolio is up to each individual student, but assignments, both in-class and individual, must be present, complete, and easy to find. A table of contents or some other means of indexing your portfolio is required to facilitate easy grading (not to mention your own ability to find things!). Class notes should also be included . Portfolios will be turned in two times during the semester: Mid-term on October 9th End of term on the last day of class Portfolios will be graded and returned one week from turn-in.
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Unformatted text preview: Assignments to include : MID-TERM 8/21: In-class exercise : Your cognitive map of ABQ 8/23: Assignment 1 : Planning Definition/Response: What is planning? (1 page: 2 paragraphs with your definition and explanation; 1 page: Research “planning” your reaction) 8/28: Assignment 2 : 2 or 3 cognitive maps of ABQ gathered from other people; 1 page reaction comparing maps 8/30: In-class exercise : What is cultural landscape? (1-2 paragraphs) Homework: Research “Creative Class” 9/06: In-class exercise: Spatial Map of Albuquerque / Analysis (1 Page) 09/15: Field Trip: Built Environment Exercise: Old Town Worksheet 9/20: Assignment 3 : ABQ as Sunbelt city / Suburbanization (1 Page) 9/27: Assignment 4 : Zoning Definition and Reaction (2 pages) 10/4: In-class exercise : Comprehensive Plan Group Presentation – Your individual notes/outline from your presentation...
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