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Sarah Schmidgall March 7, 2008 Beth Henson Trad 102-Section 05 Roman Empire In the Roman Empire chapter the section that stuck out the most was Ovid’s advice to all lovers’s called, The Art of Love. It seemed like the same modern ideas on how to catch a woman’s heart; this almost seemed comical because it seems as though the game of love has not changed one bit since 43 B.C. This also brought in another side of the ancient world, which is not often seen, because it opens an insight into the normality of these people’s lives. Instead of the usual talk about emperors, slaves, labor, war, politics, laws and gods, underneath it all there was also wooing a women, heartbreak, and Hollywood love. However, it is apparent that men still were thought to
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Unformatted text preview: be the dominant partner in a relationship when Ovid says, There are a few, very few, bright girls with a real education (131). However, it was the mans job to win the woman over, not vice versa. This shows that when it came to love, women had the power for once, even though it seems that because men were sly and crafty it was no problem to win a womans heart. Women dont run after us; mousetraps dont run after mice. Ovid shows that in the Roman Empire, when it came to the game of love women had the power to turn down any man, however, by following a simple list of advice made it easy enough for a man to get her to say yes....
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