What is Test Jousting?

What is Test Jousting? - WPI CS 4536 : Programming...

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WPI CS 4536 : Programming Languages : Test-Jousting instructions Home Staff Lectures Assignments Software Discussion Board Policies CS 4536: Programming Languages (C08) What is Test Jousting? Test jousting is our internal class testing competition. For each assignment, you will submit test suites and we will run each students' test suite against all students' programs. You will get points for each error you find in a classmate's program; you will lose points for each error someone else finds in yours. We could just run the jousts after homeworks are submitted. However, to encourage you to think about testing and to give you early feedback on your work, we offer an incentive system: you may submit either tests or code before the deadline. If you submit tests, we'll store them and run them against other students' early submissions. If you submit code, we'll run it against all the valid tests others have submitted so far. Here's the early-testing incentive: you'll accumulate testing points for every early bug you catch, every time you catch it. Submitting a killer test case early could gain you several points. Correspondingly, you'll lose points every time you submit an early program that fails an existing test suite, so you have to do a fair amount of testing on your own, rather than relying on the testing largess of others. Logistics
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What is Test Jousting? - WPI CS 4536 : Programming...

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