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Bio 101 Study Guide For Exam 1 - Bio 101 Study Guide For...

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Bio 101 Study Guide For Exam #1 Fall 2007 Why is biology relevant to your life? How does evolution relate to biology? Describe six characteristics of living things . 1. Cellular Organization- living things consist of one or more cells, cells are organized 2. Change Over Time- many living thing grow, living things evolve or go extinct 3. Interaction- Between organism and itself, environment, and other organisms 4. Reproduction- have genes(blueprint), produce offspring similar to themselves 5. Transformation of Energy- Acquire and use energy, carry out n control chemical reactions 6. Emergent Properties- The whole is equal to greater than the sum of the parts Explain how cells are the basic unit of life. All organisms consist of cells. All cells originate from pre-existing cells. Cell membranes separate an organism from the external environment. Organisms have evolved form single-celled to multicellular. Describe the hierarchical organization of biology. Elements->molecules->cells->tissues->organs->systems->organisms Why is an understanding of biological chemistry important for biology? For water, polar structures and hydrogen bonds between water molecules. For carbon and biologically important molecules like carbs, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids Describe the characteristics of carbon that make it an important biological molecule. Carbon can form 4 covalent bonds with other molecules. 4 means that carbon compounds have a huge variety of structures, tends to bond with other carbon and few other atoms, H, O, N Explain how polarity, hydrogen bonds and ionization ability make water an important biological molecule. Water is polar = polar and charged molecules dissolve easily, also means it can be contained in membranes (which are non-polar). Hydrogen bonds are fairly strong, takes a lot of energy to break them, large amounts of energy are stored in them. What properties is the strength of hydrogen bonds responsible for? The properties are Cohesion - water molecules stick together, water can be pulled up vessels, Surface tension - surface of water difficult to puncture, skimming insects. Density of Water - maximum density of water at 4°C, increases space between molecules when frozen, ice floats, bodies of water freeze from top down, life persist under ice. Describe the thermal properties of water that are of importance to living things. Melting and freezing-
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Bio 101 Study Guide For Exam 1 - Bio 101 Study Guide For...

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