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Study Guide Quiz 2 215 Latent Theory of Crime Rational Choice Theory Just deserts model Social Learning Theory and Criticism Travis Hirschi views on crime Social Disorganization Theory Relative Deprivation Theory Social Process Theory Labeling Theory Strain Theory Social Structure Theory Differential Reinforcement Theory Social Control Theory Social Conflict Theory Jeremy Betham and Cesare Beccaria view of what motivated people to commit crime Who developed Rational Choice Theory? Diffusion Trait Theory Biosocial Criminologist Nurture Theory William Shelton’s Ectomorphs, Somatotypes, Mesomorphs, Endomorphs Poverty and Crime
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Unformatted text preview: Gunnar Myrdal and Underclass Collective efficacy Anomie: Mechanical/Organic Societies Robert Mortons adaptation modes: Rebellion, Ritualism, Ritualism and Innovation Robert Agnew Negative affective states Walter MillersFocal Concerns Social Process Theories and Socialization Edwin Sutherlands Differential Association Theory David Martz and Gresham Sykes Techniques of Neutralizations Social Conflict Theory Developmental Theory Latent Trait Theory Left Realism Critical Feminist Theory Structural Critical Theory Critical Criminology Theory Instrumental Critical Theory...
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