Study Guide Quiz 1 215

Study Guide Quiz 1 215 - Basic elements of Positivism...

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Study Guide Quiz 1 215 Criminologists Criminology Felony: Sentence and what do you lose after convicted Deviant acts/Crime acts: differences Discretion role in Criminal Justice System Misdemeanor Ecology of Crime Three main components of contemporary criminal justice system Experimental research Self-Report Studies Victim Characteristics: Gender differences, Youth/Elderly differences Prior victims chance of future victimization Routine Activities Theory Victim Precipitation Theory Lifestyles Theory Deviant Place Theory Cohort Research Meta-Analysis Research Strengths of Survey Research Cesare Beccaria August Comte Cesare Lombroso Emile Durkheim Consensus View of Crime, Conflict View of Crime, Interactionist View of Crime
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Unformatted text preview: Basic elements of Positivism Criminology Basic elements of Classical Criminology Proponents of Rehabilitation Perspective, Nonintervention Perspective, Due Process Perspective, Crime Control Perspective, Justice Perspective, Restorative Justice Perspective UCR, NIBRS, NCVS: Differences, methodological problems, and validity problems Part I, Part II crimes on UCR Comprehensive Crime Control Act and Victims of Crime Act Omnibus Victim and Witness Protection Act Task Force on Victims of Crime 1982 Victim-Offender Reconciliation Programs Target vulnerability, Target gratifiability and Target antagonism...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course CRJS 215 taught by Professor O'toole during the Spring '08 term at Old Dominion.

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Study Guide Quiz 1 215 - Basic elements of Positivism...

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