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test4pg2 - CHE 132 Chemical Principles II FORM D TEST 4 AY...

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Unformatted text preview: CHE 132 Chemical Principles II FORM D TEST 4 AY 2006 — 07 By signing the parscore form, I pledge that I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this exam. For each question choose the best possible answer. 1. In which species doesthe Br atom ll ve the highest +oxidation number? a) Br: b) Br ' $Br03 ' d) i3rO _ e) a and b L \Q. The reaction: Hg (1) + 02 (g) 9 2Hg0 (s) is best described as a a synthesis reaction b) a displacement reaction 0) a decomposition reaction double displacement reaction e) a nice reaction For questions 3 and 4, consider the following unbalanced redox reaction: ClO ' + I ' 9 C1‘ + 12 (acidic solution) DK 3. Which of the following is a true statement? C10 7 is the oxidizing agent . b) I ’ is reduced 0) I ’ is the oxidizing agent d) ClO _ is the reducing agent e) b and c ”if 4. When the equation is balanced, which will be true? There will be erznzo on the left Mir on the right ,eaeClo ’ on the left MCI ‘ on the right ®1H20 on the right i; KElectrical potential energy difference is measured in units of E a) newtons b) coulombs (c1 coulomb / second (1) joules e) joules / coulomb For questions 6 & 7, consider the following reaction: ,_ .t _ \ ,-\ x, . XY (g) + wz (g) <:> XW (g) + YZ (g), K : 0.0001 at 250 K “my" Forward and reverse reactions take place by simple, one-step collisions. ‘ 6. If we start with concentrations of 1 M KY and l M WZ, and no XW or YZ, which graph correctly shows What happens as the system comes to equijibrium? Gl a) . 5) )ul C) x)! c1 xkf \ x u - ¥ ,. g a, 1,; . 7. Which is most likely true about bond strengths in these compounds? 3) they are stronger in XW and YZ @they are stronger in XY and W2 eithey are of equal strength in all four compounds dfihey will be at equal strength in all four compounds, when the system comes to equilibrium e) punish me by removing 5 points _ .mw ...
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